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What Is The Most Common Psychological Disorders?

When we see some major change in someone’s behaviour, or we can’t relate it to normal behaviour of a human we assume that man to have any mental or psychological disorder. But before going to that conclusion about someone, do we ask ourselves what normal behaviour actually is? The behaviour which is accepted by society is the only way to behave? The behaviour which is abnormal to one person can’t be normal to others? Before giving any statement about one person’s mental health we need to keep one thing in our mind that every person’s brain works differently. Each person has different views of life and they behave according to their way of thinking. 


So, if a person’s way of living his life doesn’t match ours, we just can’t announce that he has a psychological disorder. Then what is psychological disorder? Psychologists define psychological disorder broadly as psychological dysfunction in an individual that is associated with distress or impairment and a reaction that is not culturally expected. In easy words psychological disorders are basically an unwanted change in a person’s thoughts which causes pain and damage to that person’s personal life and when that person acts according to those thoughts, his behavior becomes unacceptable. Several reasons can be established behind these disorders like any bad memory, reaction to any medicine or genetic problems. The most popular and common psychological disorder from which most of the people are suffering nowadays are: Anxiety Disorder, Unipolar depression, Bipolar depression, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Addiction disorder and so on.


Anxiety Disorder:

 Anxiety disorder is the most common and popular psychological disorder among the people all over the world specially in The United State. According to a study, around 66.6% of US A don’t even get the treatment and those who get the treatment cost $42 billion per year which is one third of the total national mental health cost of USA.  This is a very painful disorder. Sufferers sometimes think that they have a health problem and they continue going to doctors for a non-existent disease. There are various types of anxiety disorder:

I. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD): It is a common anxiety disorder which includes normal fear, nervousness etc. 3.1% of the total population of USA suffer from GAD.


II. Panic Disorder: Sufferers of this disorder get sudden panic attacks which includes breathing problems, sweating, shaking, palpitation, numbness and strong bad feelings. These sufferers can’t take pressure like non-sufferers. 2.7% in USA suffer from this.


III. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD): These sufferers face problems in social gathering. They can’t mix with other people like non-sufferers. They get panic attacks or have phobia of some specific social situations. They become very nervous in front of others. 6.8% of people are the sufferers of SAD in the USA.


IV.  Specific Phobias: There are five types of phobias the sufferers have. Fear of animals like dogs, snakes, spiders etc. Fear of natural environments such as fear of heights, water or thunderstorms. Another type of phobia is the fear of blood or injections in which sufferers have the fear of pain or get beaten. Situational phobia is another type of phobia where the sufferer has the fear of a specific situation like flying or elevator. There are also some phobias which can not be included in these 4 types, so these have been included in the last type. 8% people in USA suffer from these phobias


V.  Post traumatic stress disorder: These is mainly the after effect of any war trauma or sexual assault experiences.  3.5 % of people are the sufferers of this disorder in USA.


Unipolar Depression: Unipolar connotes difference between depression and mania. In this state a person goes into a dark mode where he or she feels no interest about life or anything else in the world. It’s basically a middle state of depression and mania.


Bipolar Disorder: Also known as manic disorders. This is more dangerous than unipolar depression. The sufferers go through major mood swings. They can feel empowered in one moment and again in the next moment they feel low or useless. This disorder causes major damage in a patient’s personal and social life. Even the sufferer can take someone’s or his or her own life.


Dementia: The sufferers are mainly the older people. Memory disorders or personality disorders are the main symptoms of this disease. Sufferers gradually forget his memories and personality.


Schizophrenia: These sufferers mainly have hallucination problems. They hear voices or see unrealistic things.  They also face lack of emotional expression and motivation.


Addiction Disorder: When a person gets used to doing something regularly and can not stay without doing that thing then it’s called addiction. Other than drug addiction, addiction for eating, gambling, internet, sex, exercise, work and shopping are under this disorder.

If we see generally every person more or less has these disorders. But when these behavioural changes start affecting a person’s life then proper treatment is needed to control that. 


—Naofah Ahmed

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