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The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic | Precaution against Coronavirus

Coronavirus as pandemic

Recent pandemic has spread in our country like a fire. Day by day it’s showing its worst face to us. Before starting let me serve you with some information. In last 24 hour the total case of corona virus in Bangladesh has become 74885 [Reporting Date: 11.06.2020]. 15,965 tests were taken among which 3,190 people were found with corona virus. 37 people died and 563 people recovered. Yesterday the picture was not so different. 3171 people were found covid-19 positive. More 45 people died, and 985 people recovered. Two days ago, the number of infected people were 2735, number of recovered people were 930 and number of dead people were 42. Which means on an average daily around 3000 plus people are getting effected, 6000 people are getting recovered and 40 people are dying daily. You are getting this information from news channel and other sites frequently but still you needed to know them once again so that you can understand the seriousness of this situation.

It’s a good news that number of recovery is higher than number of death but per day 36 death is not a joke. People are getting recovered and coming back to normal life but what about those 36 human beings who are dying daily and those who may die in future? Aren’t they our responsibility? It’s a war where we can participate only by taking some precautions.


Physical Distance Physical Distance and Physical Distance:

                In this moment there is nothing better than this what we can do for our country. I can understand people who has no option than going out can’t do anything and maybe for these people our government has take down the lock down. But by taking down the lock down the problem has not gone. It’s still there outside. So at least those people who has the option to work from their home should not go out at all. If you have no option than going out, then maintain 6 feet distance from each people. When you return to your home take necessary precautions. Wash your hand and feet with savlon or hexosol, clean your mobile, watch, purse with them before entering the house. Immediately enter to the washroom and take a shower then go to other room of the house. Wash your clothes and clean the area where you were standing. Always remember maybe you have the ability to fight with this virus but if anyone with weak immunity get infected from you then his or her loss will also be your responsibility.


Boost up your immunity:

               The only way to fight with this virus is to make your body prepare for fighting with this. Eat healthy foods specially those which can make your immunity system stronger. Like orange, and all fruits that contain vitamin C. Black Cumin, honey these are the best medicine for every disease.

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Maintain cleanliness:

            This is the best time for OCD patients. Only people with cleanliness issue can survive this pandemic easily. So, build new habits of cleaning everything. In fact, be a freak about cleaning. According to WHO’s new news one needs to wash his hands for one minute.


Be Honest:

           There are people who hide their disease. It won’t actually help anyone. Accept that and go to corona hospitals immediately take necessary steps and you will get well soon. Not every corona patient needs to admit to hospital. So, if your situation is not serious then treat yourself from home by following doctor’s instructions. Corona is not a disease which will kill you immediately after it affect. Most of the time people survive. So, if you are corona positive don’t panic. You just need to be conscious that’s it.


Maintain physical distance not social:

              You need to maintain physical distance from corona patient but talking to them using phone or social media won’t make you sick right? People who are affected need your care and mental support don’t leave them alone.


Time to share:

          Covid-19 is not only damaging our health but also damaging our economy. People under poverty line and also lower middle-class people are suffering a lot. It’s time when people who can help them should come forward by themselves.

There is good hidden in every worst thing. This pandemic will teach us to live together with each other. So, stay home, be safe and let’s fight it together.


—Naofah Ahmed

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