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Tasmia Ahmed
Tasmia Ahmed

Hi! I’m Tasmia Ahmed. The writer of newjobresult.com  & uniquehealthylife.com. I like to share different topics to each other and also always eager to learn something new and want to be self dependent. That’s Why I choose writing.



  • I born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I spend my childhood in this city. Currently I am doing BBA(Professional) in Dhaka City College under National University.
  • My life is all about my family, my parents and my friends. All of them are my life and also my inspiration.
  • In spite of that I have completed my H.S.C examination in Dhaka City College and completed my S.S.C in YWCA Higher Secondary Girl’s School.




  • I always have interest in Music. I cannot sing but I’m a music lover. I love to watch movies and any kind of detective or scientific series.
  • My Aim in life is not fixed. Actually, from childhood, my aim in life is changing like others. But right now, I want to be a Entrepreneur. And I also want to be successful. I don’t have any plans in my life right now. My life is going as almighty god’s wish.
  • Apart from this, I like to help others. I tried to be friendly with my friends and my family. I don’t know that I can do it or not. But always I tried.


Finally, I want to say that I will give my best to write valuable contents according to your wish. Moreover that, I think I will get all of you in my journey. So, Please Stay Tuned Stay Safe.