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Naofah Ahmed
Naofah Ahmed

Hi! This is Naofah Ahmed, the co-founder and writer of uniquehealthylife.com and newjobresult.com.  I write mostly about health tips, give my opinion on that, and try to give some relevant information to my audience because writing has always been my passion


About me:

  • I born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and spend my full childhood in this city. Currently I am studying and living in Kualalumpur, Malaysia. I am doing BBA in Asia Pacific University of Innovation and Technology.
  • Inspiration of my life is my family, my parents and my sister. They are the most important persons in my life. The best moments of my life are all the moments spend with my sibling and cousins.


My other interest and aim and plans:

  • I have learnt dancing for 10 years; you can say that I am kinda good dancer. Apart from this I have interest in music. I love listening to music though I do not have a good voice. I love reading books especially detective books. 3 Detectives (tin goyenda) a famous detective series book in my country has been my all time favorite. I have my own fantasy world and I love to imagine and be whatever I want in that world.
  • I want to be a successful entrepreneur in future. I always wanted to be one but after studying it my interest for business turn into a passion. I want to own my own company and establish my name boldly in business world.
  • I don’t make plans in life because I believe life is uncertain, but I have my bucket list.


In the end I would say, I will try my best to write informatics contents regarding your mental and physical health issues. The journey has just started, hope will get you by my side in this journey.