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How to Create Happiness? 5 Ways to Increase Our Happiness

how to increase happiness

What is Happiness? Can it be measured? Can it be defined? When do we feel happiness, and can’t we always be happy? The answer is YES. We can. Happiness is a feeling which maybe you cannot measure but you can feel it. And what do you think when do you feel happiness? After doing well in exam or winning a prize, NO you feel happiness when you have peace of mind. Now you will say that no I feel happiness when I achieve success. But my friend, along with achieving success you achieve peace of mind and that is the reason behind your happiness. If you cannot gain inner peace you will not be able to feel happiness even after achieving lots of successes. If our peace of mind is the only secret behind our happiness, then we can always be happy by achieving it inside us. And once we achieve this our happiness will no longer only depend on our success, then we can always be happy and keep other happy too. And when you are happy from inside you can achieve any success.

Professor Laurie Santos took a course in Yale University which became the most famous course in the 316 years old history of the university. About 1200 students participated there which became a record. In this course she taught 5 exercises to be happy to her students.


Make a list of those things which you are thankful about:ways to happiness


We all want to be happy, but we cannot find any reason of being happy. Actually, we have lots of reasons but due to thousands of problems in our life we forget them or ignore them. So, every night if you practice the exercise, while making the list you will remember about all the good things that happened to you in the past and that made your life better. Then you will feel good about them. Ms Santos has said, “You can think it’s easy, but we have seen that those students who practice this regularly are seem to be happy.”


Sleep more and properly:sleeping for health

We all love to sleep but most of us specially the new generation do not sleep properly. They do not sleep at night and most of them don’t even sleep for 6 hours which is must needed. This does not only affect on the mental health but also affect on the physical health. Professor Laurie Santos told her students to practice 8-hour sleep regular at night and to do this 1 week regularly. She told,” We all know that the more you sleep the less you will suffer from depression. It also builds your positive thinking capability.” So, for a sound health and sound mind everyone should practice this.



Meditation:meditation for health

The more a person spend time with himself the more he gets to know himself. And the more a person know himself the faster he can achieve peace of mind. Meditation is the best process to get engage with thyself. Ms Santos asked her students to meditate at least for 10 minutes every day. She said,” When she was a student, she used to meditate everyday and it used to make her happy.”




Spend more time with family and friends:unique healthy life

Problems are the other name of life. There will be no day when you will not face problems. These problems will create bad moments. To balance these bad moments, you need to create some good moments too. And we can create these good moments by spending time with our family and friends. These moments heal our wounds and give us peace of mind. Ms Santos said, “Make sure that you are living in the moment, remember that you are spending time together and be a little bit conscious about how you are spending the time.”



Communicate practically instead of communicating via social media:how to increase happiness

Unfortunately, we have become more interested in social media. We prefer to communicate through social media rather than have a face to face social gathering. But we forget that practical communication is more warmhearted. Talking can work better than chatting. Researches showed that people who use social media like Instagram are less happy than people who do not use it that much. Ms Laurie Santos forbidden her student to follow the false happiness tips which they get from social media.


Happiness does not come by itself. One need to achieve it with patience and practice like a player achieve his skills. So, to be happy you need to be grateful, have proper sleep, do meditation, spend more time with family and friends and decease the use of social media.


—Naofah Ahmed

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