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Daily Habits that Increase your Physical and Mental Strength

Almost every one of us have friends or colleagues in who are best in work and also give enough time to their family. They always manage to look perfect in every event where you barely can have a bath before reaching to that event. Have you ever wondered that how on the earth they get so much energy and how they manage to do all the works quicker than you? It’s nothing much but some habit which they have built. And these habits are helping them to be stronger both physically and mentally. Here I will inform you about some habits which you should build up yourself.

how to be Physical and Mental Strength

Habits that help you to strengthen your physical health

Exercise between work:

Modern world is a busy world. Here people can barely get time for their kids let alone for exercise. But workout is necessary. So, in this situation you need to do some exercises between your job. You don’t need to do a full exercise with all that gym instruments. You can just have a cycle ride after finishing your lunch a little earlier. If you are like me who don’t know the C of cycling, then you can just do some free hand exercise or stretch a little bit in the break time. Always remember where there is a will there is a way. If you really want to do exercise you can do it no matter how much busy you are. These exercises will also give your muscles strength, increase you blood circulation in your brain and make you more active.


Track your walking distance:

Nothing can be improved unless it’s measured. Walking is a very helpful exercise and if you want to develop in this you need to keep track of your walking everyday so that you can improvise yourself.


Move around in every 15 minutes:

Many of us do works where we need to sit in front of a laptop. Sitting in the same position for a long time is not safe at all. You need to take a break in every 15 minutes and have a round. It will inspire you to start the work freshly and it will also keep you safe.


Use stairs instead of lift:

This is the most common advice that any one can ever give. But at the same time, it is also the most useful advice. Building up a habit of using stairs than lift is the best habit. Using a stair is an exercise itself. It is a very good exercise for your muscles. By doing this regularly your strength will be increased, and you will be stronger.


Habits that will help you increasing your mental health

Eat brain foods:

Increasing mental health definitely include increasing the power of our brain. As brain is a part of our body it needs some nutrients to be healthy. There is list of some foods which keep our brain healthy and make it more active.



  Contains                Increases                    Benefits


Omega-3 fatty


Omega-3 fatty acids which remains in 40% of our brain and our body cannot make it. By having fish, we can get it. Helps to learn new things and memorize them and also decrease the chance of being mentally imbalance in old age.
Grey matter a part of brain Increase the power of taking decisions.

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  Contains                         Works                       Benefits
Caffeine Stop adenosine (an element of brain that helps to fall asleep) from enter in brain cell By stopping adenosine, it prevents sleepiness which helps to increase attention.
Increase serotonin (an element makes people happy) By increasing serotonin, it helps people to be happy.




        Contains                                 Benefits
Curcumin Directly enter into the brain and increase memory power.
Increase serotonin and dopamine which help to prevent depression
Helps to prevent mental illness during old age.


Pumpkin seeds:

Contains Benefits
Zinc Prevent nerve deceases like Alzheimer, Parkinson. Also prevent depressions.
Magnesium Helps to learn new things and remember them, Prevent diseases like migraine, Epilepsy and depression.
Copper Increase memory and prevent Alzheimer.
Iron Helps to deliver oxygen in the body.

Other than these there are



  • Contains- Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Helps to- Increase memory



  • Contains- Vitamin C
  • Prevents- Old age nerve problems



  • Contains- Lycopene
  • Prevents- Diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.




  • Contains- Antioxidants, Zinc, Iron and Copper
  • Increase- Nerve power.


Olive oilOlive oil:

  • Contains- Polyphenol
  • Increases- Nerve power



Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate:

  • Contains- Flavonoids
  • Increase- Cognitive skill
  • Helps- Remembering new things


Increase Daily Goals:

Your brain needs challenges to develop. If you keep up doing same thing every day it’s never gonna improve. For this you need to increase your goals everyday. For example, this week your target is to finish one book but next week you need to increase it to two.


Watch inspirational videos:

Since our brain is so lazy and always ready to give up, we need to keep motivating it. May whatever you are doing try to keep yourself motivated or your brain will not help you to do that task.


Turn Jealousy into Inspiration:

We all feel jealous. It is a natural human behaviour. But wisdom is in turning this jealousy into an inspiration. For example, you are really jealous of your friend getting a good mark in exam. In this case either you can be angry on her on yourself on your fate or you can take it as an inspiration. Figure out why she got good mark and where you have done mistakes. By this you can improve yourself without ruining your friendship with her. In fact, if you go to her and ask for help this would make your friendship stronger.


Talk to Yourself:

You can call me mad but I always talk to myself whenever I am in trouble because to me I am the best adviser for myself. Same with you because you are the only one who is understanding your problem and also understand you. Definitely ask suggestions from your elders and friends but also talk to yourself. By this your belief on you will be stronger.

Be conscious about your health and build up these habits. Be confident and be strong.



—Naofah Ahmed

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