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Best Health Tips should follow for Healthy Living

Have you ever been judged about your physical appearance? Have you felt offended after listening from your family and friends that how thin or fat you are? If you haven’t then you should be because no one has the right to comment anything wrong about your physical appearance. But what you shouldn’t do is to listen to others and think that I am just like this and I won’t change myself. Here, the point is not about changing yourself or shutting other people’s mouth, but the point is to be healthy. Being healthy is not a thing what you can choose or a thing what you will use to answer those people who taunt you for your bad health. It’s your NEED to live a healthy and happy life. A healthy life needs both healthy body and mind. There are some things which you should do and some which you shouldn’t do to keep your body and mind healthy.

health tips for weight loss


Whenever we talk about health, the first thing which come in our mind that what should we eat. Food is like the “friend” of our life. As your attitude and behaviour mostly depends on the friends you are surrounded by similarly your body health depends on those foods you choose to eat. So, you should choose both very carefully. People from different age, weight and height need different quantity of nutrition. That’s why there are different diet charts for each people. As I am not a nutritionist I cannot tell about your exact diet chart but what I can do is to give you the basic idea of foods, their qualities and suggest you some foods which can help you to lose weight.


Foods that should be included in your daily diet:

There are some foods which everyone needs. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, milk, nuts are these kinds of food. You need to ensure that you are getting all the 6 compounds of nutrient chart every day. And these foods can fulfil that need.


The proper way of eating:

Along with the foods one should also concentrate on the way of eating those foods. Foods should be eaten only to satisfy hunger. Sometimes we overeat due to stress or depression. Specially girls do that (Sorry girls but this is a fact). This overeating doesn’t help us at all in fact it leads us to more complications. The other thing we should concentrate on, that our dinner meal shouldn’t be large. There is a saying that one should eat breakfast like a king, lunch as subjects and dinner as a poor. Having a large meal before sleep can cause gastroesophageal  reflux disease (GERD). When digestive fluids slip back to esophageal (that connect stomach and throat through which foods pass.) then gastroesophageal reflux happen. Our digestive system takes at least 3 to 4 hours to digest food properly. If you sleep within 3 to 4 hour of eating you gastric fluid will slip back to your esophageal and this disease will occur which may cause heartburn (burning feeling in heart or throat) or other symptoms.


Things you should avoid or never do:

Rice, salt and sugar are known as white poisons. They do a huge damage on our body. Specially sugar is the most dangerous one. We should avoid sugars as much as we can. Some people bribe kids with chocolates. This should be stopped because this will make a habit in children of eating sugar. Brown rice can be eaten instead of white rice it’s more nutritious and tastier.


Some foods which help to lose weight:

There are some foods which work as hunger busters (helps to kill cravings for food) and also give nutrition like Greek yogurt, cinnamon, coffee, green tea, grapefruits etc. These foods remain in stomach for a long time and make us feel full. Here are the qualities that each food contains:

Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt


Greek Yogurt:

  • Has twice protein than normal yogurt
  • Burn calories





  •  Contains, 8g of hunger busting protein
  • 5g fibre/ cup
  • Iron, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E






  • Maintain sugar level





green tea
green tea

Green Tea:

  • Contain catechin which increase metabolism








  •   Contains soluble fibre
  • Take longer time to digest








  • Vitamin A, C







Replace your snacks with some healthy foods:

We have habit of eating something between meals. In this snack time we may eat something which make us gain weight and also ruin our diet. So, eat some nutritious foods as snacks. Like raw vegetables, nuts, fruits. Sometimes we want to eat something creamy and tasty. Baked sweet potato has many flavours which will replace those unhealthy snacks.


Treat yourself with a cheat day:

Maintaining proper healthy diet is a very difficult job. You need to keep yourself motivated to continue it. Nutritionists doesn’t ask anyone to leave their favourite food completely. You only need to control yourself while eating it. Select a day when you will break your diet and eat your favourite foods on that day so that you can again go back to your regular diet from the next day.

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Our body is like a machine the more we use it the more it will be active. Daily exercise is essential for everybody. Especially for those who have heart disease, diabetics, and other health diseases. Daily exercise not only keep you safe but also keep you happy and fresh. It’s not possible for everyone to go to a gym and have a proper exercise but it’s not that much difficult to walk regularly for at least half an hour. Walking everyday can also help a lot.



Mental health

Proper sleep:

Sleeping has a huge connection with mental health. Proper sleeping and proper eating are the secrets of happy and healthy life. Sleeping hour is different for people in different age. In order to have a proper sleep, having the exact idea about the timing is very important.

Age of people Sleeping Hour
Birth time to two months 14 to 17 hours
3 to 11 months 14 to 15 hours
1 to 3 years 12 to 18 hours
3 to 5 years 11 to 13 hours
5 to 10 years 10 to 11 hours
10 to 17 years 8.5 to 9 hours
Above 18 years 7 to 9 hours



 Reward Yourself:

It’s very important to reward yourself to be motivated. Without motivation people will lose interest from doing work. It’s kind of hard to be appreciated from others unless you do something great. So, then maintain reward yourself on small success. Like watch a movie after completing any job or eat something good after maintain a proper diet for one week. This will motivate you to give more effort on your job on the next day.


 Try New things:

Our mind gets board after doing the same thing again and again. Bring some change in your life to make yourself happy. Give yourself a new makeover or visit some new place or learn something new. Do whatever makes you happy.


Learn to say NO: 

Several time it happened to me that I didn’t wanted to do something, but I had to do that because I didn’t have the guts to say no. Like cheating in exam. There are sometime when you don’t want to cheat but to keep your friends happy you do that task and later you regret. This regression sometime turns into depression. We can also have the example of drinking alcohol or smoke with friends under peer pressure. Mostly boys do this (Sorry boys but this is also a fact). If your heart is not allowing you to do something, then don’t think about anything else and just don’t do it.  Otherwise you will end up loosing you believe in yourself.


Mix with people and improve yourself:

Most of the people has a attitude of “I am just like this take it or leave it.” This attitude does not make any sense at all. Changing yourself does not mean bowing In-front of someone. If you have any bad habit admit it and try to develop yourself. Stop mixing with people and keeping that bad habit without developing yourself is not a good idea at all.


Health is something which is very difficult to gain once you lose it. So be careful about your health and take a very good care of it by following above tips.


—Naofah Ahmed

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