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Anxiety Disorder: Types, Symptoms and Reasons

Anxiety Disorder Types, Symptoms and Reasons

Have this ever happened to you, that you went to give any presentation with full preparation, but you couldn’t say a single line? Or have you ever stopped suddenly while performing on stage or despite a good preparation have you ever got blank in the exam hall? I think almost …

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Which Foods Should Eat to Prevent Coronavirus(COVID-19)?

Which Foods Should Eaten to Prevent Coronavirus

In 2008, when Thomas Howell made the American science fiction movie, “The day the earth stopped” has anyone thought even for a single second that after twelve years the earth will actually stop and that also not even by any intergalactic robots but by some miniature viruses. Earth has witnessed …

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What Is The Most Common Psychological Disorders?


When we see some major change in someone’s behaviour, or we can’t relate it to normal behaviour of a human we assume that man to have any mental or psychological disorder. But before going to that conclusion about someone, do we ask ourselves what normal behaviour actually is? The behaviour …

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