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Anxiety Disorder: Types, Symptoms and Reasons

Anxiety Disorder Types, Symptoms and Reasons

Have this ever happened to you, that you went to give any presentation with full preparation, but you couldn’t say a single line? Or have you ever stopped suddenly while performing on stage or despite a good preparation have you ever got blank in the exam hall? I think almost everyone of you have faced this type of situation at least once in your life. Have you ever thought why this happened? Why after knowing everything about the certain topic you can’t present it in front of everyone or why after seeing the large audience you freeze on the stage though you did a good practice or why after having a good preparation you blanked out in the exam hall? Generally, we call it nervousness, stage fright or performance pressure. Everyone has these problems. Even the most confident person become nervous. But when these problems start effecting a person’s personal and work life or cause physical harm to that person or cannot be controlled then these are called anxiety disorder and need proper treatment. Anxiety disorder is not only bounded in performance fear it includes fear or anxiety in any situation or all the bad feelings about anything. Psychologists define anxiety disorder as a group of mental disorders characterized by significant feelings of anxiety and fear. There are different types of anxiety disorder:



what is Agoraphobia

The patients of agoraphobia feel unsafe in certain places like public transport, crowd, standing in line or any other crowded place. They feel those places unsafe and think that it’s hard for them to escape from those places. They have a feeling of fear which causes panic attack.

  • Symptoms: How will someone understand that he has this disorder? When a person feels unsafe in any certain place without any valid reason and try to avoid that place then he or she has agoraphobia.
  • Reasons: The most common reason behind this disorder is any bad experience in childhood or death of any closed ones. Hereditary problem also is a vital reason.

Agoraphobia patient face huge difficulties facing the world. As they feel unsafe or get panic attack in certain places, they avoid those places and as a result they become locked down in their house and become fully dependent on others which can cause depression and other mental disorders. So, treatment should be start immediate after noticing the symptoms.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD):

GAD disorders

GAD basically effect on the patient’s way of thinking. Our thoughts are controlled by certain regions of our brain which is connected by nerve cells and these nerve cells depend on a chemical named neurotransmitters. If the pathway does not work accurately then anxiety problem occurs. Sufferers of GAD constantly feel that something terrible is going to happen and they always live in fear. They make their own vision of situations which is unrealistic and invalid. Their this feeling effect badly on their daily life.

  • Symptoms: Though GAD only effect on the way of thinking of a person, some health issues also occur. Along with invalid fear and panic some physical problems also occur in their body like sweating, headache, nausea, frequent bathroom, tiredness, oversleep or insomnia, irritability, muscle tension etc. So, if a person become restless in small matters or afraid of invalid reason and also having any of this physical problem then immediately he or she should consult with doctor.


  • Reasons: If a person has GAD in his genes then there is a high chance that he or she will also get this disorder. Other than genetics dysfunction of nerve cells is also an important reason. Moreover, bad experience in any certain point of life or death of loved ones, divorce, separation of parents also can develop GAD in a person.

GAD patients always live in fear and anxiety. Unintentionally they think negative about everything and panic about them which stop them from living a normal life. These patients can end up having depression, panic disorders, phobia and other disorders if they don’t get proper treatment on time.


Panic Disorders:

panic disorders

Panic Disorder is mainly the fear of having a panic attack. A person who had panic attacks more than 4 times or always live in the fear of having a panic attack has panic disorder. This is a very common disorder. A research by The American psychological association says that one people out of 75 has panic disorder which means most of the people got panic attack at least once or twice in his or her life. Mostly teenagers and young adults are the sufferers of this disorder.

  • Symptoms: Most of the sufferers of panic disorder assumed their first panic attack as heart attack. In spite of being a mental disorder it mostly shows physical symptoms like patient feel dizzy, light-headedness, nausea while having a panic attack. Moreover, his or her heart beat increase, they sweat or chill, shake, feel numb, have breathing difficulties and also have chest pain. While having a panic attack some patient feel that their world is falling apart and everything happening around them is not real. According to some panic attack come after crying and sobbing and for some it come while sleeping.
  • Reasons: The reason behind panic disorder can be genetical or sudden or important moments of life like marrying, giving birth, changing school or college. Most people got panic attacks in these moments because these are those moments which bring huge change in a person’s life and that’s why they face abrupt sages of fear which cause having panic attack. Other disorders like GAD, phobia etc also can cause panic disorder.

Panic disorder might seem a deadly disorder, but it can be cured with proper treatment.


Selective Mutism:

Selective Mutism

It mostly effect children from 3 to 5. Children who suffer from this disorder can not speak in front of other people or remain quite in certain situation. These children also suffer from social anxiety disorder and specific phobia.

  • Symptoms: If a child don’t speak in front of anyone except family members and do abnormal gesture in front of other then there is a high possibility of that child having this disorder.
  • Reasons: Genetically a child get this disorder.


If we analyse every anxiety disorder, we can understand that one disorder can cause other. Which means if someone has agoraphobia and don’t get proper treatment then he or she will end up having panic disorder, depression, social anxiety etc. As I have said everyone has anxiety, everyone feels nervous but when these feelings start effecting a person’s life then professional help is needed.


–Naofah Ahmed

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